Friday, April 29, 2011

1. Babble

So this is my first blog post. for two days i left this blog all by itself (poor blog) without any post. I really don't know what to tell, i'm not good at telling people story actually, and i don't even know what in the hell did i made this blog in the first place. ( @__@ ). Ouh and anyway, my English is poor, so sorry for the bad grammar, and feel free to correct it if you find any mistake in my sentences (which i know there are A LOT of it)

So now im at my home, it's been about 2 months since my last time being here. A LOT had happen in these 2 months. I'm not supposed to be here, i don't even had the money to come home actually. Let just say that my family need me, that's why i'm here, and thanks to someone, i am able to be where i am now, thank you so much.

This is my first post so i'm not going to babble further more, i'm just glad that i'm home, being with my family, hugging my lil' sis, chatting with my mom and seeing my grandma smile. i'm gonna enjoy my weekend, and i hope you guys will do the same. adios~